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International Association of Pet Cemeteries

The Garden of Love Pet Memorial Park understands the bond between owners and their pets. With great compassion and professionalism our staff is dedicated to assisting owners through the transition of saying good-bye to a cherished family member.

The Garden of Love Pet Memorial Park brings great comfort to pet owners' during a time of loss and sorrow, as it is a final resting place of great splendor and tribute to the animals who call it home. The park, protected by Century-old oak trees is located just south of Micanopy, Florida. It is a haven of green grass and trees, and splashes of color everywhere from flowers that grace the gravesites of beloved pets.

All pets are welcome here. Currently, family pets include dogs, cats, a goat, a rat, a squirrel, a hamster, a duck, a cockatiel, and even an 800-pound horse.

Our History

The Garden of Love Pet Memorial Park was originally founded by Dot and Frank Stout in 1980. With their dedication to understanding the relationship of pets and their owners, they built a picturesque and extraordinary final resting place for the cherished animals.

In 2002, the park was purchased by Dr. Linda McCollough, doctor of Veterinary Medicine and owner of Haile Plantation Animal Clinic. Dr. McCollough continues the tradition of maintaining the Park's peaceful tranquility, while enhancing its surroundings and expanding the services available to owners.

Dr. McCollough and her staff of the park share the common bond of understanding the care and love of living and deceased pets.

"I have been helping people care for their animals when they are living. Now I can help them with the very difficult transition after their pet has passed on."
Dr. Linda McCollough